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Instead of scrolling the libraries and presets, looking for the 'unique' sounds that are used daily by hundreds of thousands of other creatives, we record and shape captured sounds using advanced editing, synthesis and sampling methods. Programming and fusing frequencies together we create sounds that carry the intended message and emotion.
Our job is not to reconstruct realism of portrayed images, our job is to make you feel the story and believe it is real. We communicate with an audience through sound, and with a director through language. We read scripts, ask questions about the narrative, emotion and meaning then sculpt sequences of emotive sounds supporting the story.
Not everyone who needs to sound unique has time to learn complexities of modern audio technologies. We design bespoke sounds and instruments for audio creatives, music producers and composers.
We provide immersive sound design and re-recording mixing for cinematic VR and 360 Videos.
Our filmmaking and sound design experience allows us assist you creating flawless immersive experiences that require enhanced understanding of the storytelling and sonic nuances that are inherent to immersive formats.
Designing signature sounds is our forte. A perfect skillset for brands and trailers. If you are after cinematic, thoughtful and impact-full sound, we are here for you. Navigating through visuals with attention to detail, elegance, impact and raw power, we design and arrange a tracklay complementing the style and narrative of your brand or film.


Our work speaks for itself. But if you are still not convinced, this is what other people had to say about us working together.

Dr. Marcus Bicknell
New Media Foundry

“Working with Tomas Blazukas was productive, expert and rather enjoyable.  The final edit was of a high quality and very well received. Thank you Tomas”

Catherine Vetere
4D Pictures
“Tomas delivered a fantastic sound track for our film CHOP CHOP.  He put together a great team and working together was a joy.”
Rocky Palladino
Film Director

“I would absolutely recommend Tomas. Fast but thorough. He takes on board suggestions easily and, most importantly, he created a great sound.”

Samuel Oldmeadow
Film Director

“Tomas has the perfect combination of technical wizardry and emotional sensitivity but most importantly he is a lovely person to be around. I came to him with a very raw and honest documentary and he had the experience to step back and enhance the film that was predominantly recorded with camera-mounted shotgun-mic, to a theatrical level of depth whilst retaining an integrity for the subject matter. He is a hugely inventive Sound Designer that contributes a wealth of ideas.”

Zack Stoff
La Nit Produccions
Film Director

“Tomas was a pleasure to work with.  His passion for sound design was clear from the beginning and he was a great collaborator.  His sound skills brought our film Sin Cuenta to the next level and added a rich, textual layer of audible awesomeness.”

Sam Jones
Film Director

“It was a fantastic experience. Tomas was really keen to really understand the film and the kind of soundscape I wanted for the film. I received the first draft of sound work and it was already to a very high standard. We worked together to create an auditory landscape exclusive to the film, which really enhanced the emotion of the film. Tomas really has a focus on the creative potential of sound work which I appreciate greatly.”

Simon Wade
Wade Bros Productions

“Working with Tom is a really excellent creative and collaborative experience. He was fully invested in our film and his enthusiasm and creativity was infectious.

Sometimes as a director I find going into the track laying and sound design process can be a daunting. You have just spent months tweaking the edit, working away on the picture lock and you’re exhausted. However Tom’s energy, his immense talent and love for what he does was just the caffeine-kick I needed and he was an integral part in realising the world of our film.”

Tom Werber
Film Director

“A pleasure to work with. Tomas was able to absorb ideas and work with them as well as bringing ideas of his own which enhanced the film. He understood the subtleties of what we were looking for easily.”

Alvaro Fernandez-Pulpeiro
A Cuarta Parede Films
Film Director
“I always came to Tomas with impossible and very abstract ideas and situations. Is not only that he feels at ease with radical and provoking proposals, he elevates the conversation through critical discussion and technical scrutiny. Working with him is so gratifying and nurturing because of the constant feedback loop that starts at the genesis of the project.”
Richard Pinches
Meadow Farm Studios
Managing Director

I am afraid I don’t like the new ident sound! I absolutely love it! Exactly what I wanted and more!

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